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How to Display your Collection of Plates: Tips and Tricks

Friday, May 25th 2018, 12:00 GMT+10:00

Like numerous other items and trinkets in our lives, plates too can hold much significance. They could be part of a treasured collection. They could potentially be handed down over generations and have massive emotional value. Whatever the reasons may be, sometimes the plates in question are a lot more than china to be eaten out of! They are works of art, they illuminate spaces and they tell stories!

Displaying your Collection

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to share a few ideas on how you could potentially display your collection of plates. We will also talk about what other accessories you might need to do so!

The Ol’ Shelf and Case

The most old fashioned and orthodox way to display your plates is by putting them up on a shelf or in a showcase. This is has its advantages. One of them is that your plates stay clean and dust free. High shelves reduce the likelihood of these being knocked over by mistake as well. That being said, both shelves and cases do well when you throw in wooden plate stands!

Plate and platter racks

Rack ‘em Up

Plate and platter racks are another great way to display your crockery. You could rack your plates practically anywhere in the home. That being said, racks are most suitably used around the kitchen or other dining areas. They are also better for plates that you want to display but do not mind using every now and then either!

Strutting About

Wire struts are a nice way to display your plates just below eye level. You can place these pretty much anywhere in the home and on any surface. A great way to go is to have a single strut with your favorite plate displayed surrounded by other carefully arranged crockery from the same set!

Hang ‘em High

A personal favorite of ours would be plate hangars. Wall hangars are a brilliant way to put up your plates. These allow the plates you put up to be in full view for all to admire. They also give you a whole lot of freedom with regard to how you wish to hang your plates. You could hang multiple plates in an arrangement on a well lit wall. Alternatively, you could hand single plates and place them cleverly throughout the room. With wall hangars, the possibilities are limitless. Further, the plates you hang can be placed at eye level easy for all to admire.


As you can see, once you get down to it, there are many ways to display your plates in a way that makes them shine and adds to your home aesthetic!

If you’re looking for some of items and display accessories mentioned in this blog such as wall hangars, plate racks and wire struts among others, we’ve got you covered! Check out our products or give us a shout for more details!