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3 Appealing Ways to Decorate Your Cups and Saucers

Thursday, May 24th 2018, 16:00 GMT+10:00

Some of us enjoy shopping for cutlery and crockery. Whether it is intricate china tea sets, a collection of quaint coffee mugs or collectible handmade crockery, a cup and saucer collection can be extremely rewarding to have! This also makes for a great hobby!

The problem however is that often times, we invest in the nicest of crockery just to have it put away, left collecting dust for indefinite periods of time. Personally, we feel that the only thing that beats collecting crockery is showing it off!

The question, is how?

Decorating your Cups and Saucers

When it comes to decorating your cups and saucers you want to do just that. Decorate! In other words it needs to look good! You don’t want to simply leave your crockery out in the open like clutter. At the same time you want to differentiate between a display of your collection and the display at a china shop!

Beyond Shelves

Sure you could put your crockery in a showcase or shelf and that would be all well and good. The only problem with that is that at times it could come off as a little predictable and boring. You probably want to do something with your crockery that will make it stand out!

decorative plate racks

To help you with this, we’re going to share three brilliant ways that you can arrange and display your cups and saucers!

Practically Placed

One thing that you could try is placing your cups and saucers in various rooms and spaces around the house. You don’t need to confine them to dining and sitting areas. Further, you don’t need to use them for tea either! You can use your cups and saucers to hold jewelry in the dressing room, stationary in the study, soap in the powder room and spare change by the door! This way you get to display any number of pieces across your home while making practical use of them at the same time!


We’re not talking about grass and mud gardens here. Nor are we asking you to put out your cups and saucers in the yard! What we mean is that you could make a little garden or mini installation with your collection of cups and saucers. Places such gardens would look good in include kitchen window sills (or other window sills), a side trolley in the dining room or even a perch on the covered end of your porch! This will not only highlight your collection but also brighten the aesthetic of the room or space you create your little crockery garden in!

Stands and Hangars

Last but not least, you have some intricately designed cup and saucer display stands and hangars that you could look into. These items are designed for those who value a good piece of crockery and are happy to share them with guests and visitors. You could invest in such stands and hangars placing them practically anywhere you feel like. These items are guaranteed to bring out the best in your crockery while allowing you a lot of freedom by way of placement!


There you have it! Three brilliant ways to put out your cups and saucers that have nothing to do with shelves! If you’re looking to buy wall hangars, display stands, decorative plate racks and other such items you’ve got some smashing options!

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