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Plate Holder & Hangers For Wall | Display And Rack

A plate holder is ideal for displaying your prized plates and platters. Use them to display decorative plates, or get creative and use them to store photos, clocks, towels and more. Our plate holders have undergone significant testing to ensure they rest at the optimum viewing angle. Whether you're a one-time plate purchaser or a verified plate holder enthusiast, these plate stands are guaranteed to impress. Browse our range and buy online.

Wood Fabricated Plate Holding Products

We stock a wide range of plate holders and stands, designed to hold plates of all shapes and sizes. If you're a fan of minimalism, our acrylic plate stands are designed to be the cleanest way to display your plates. They're strong, durable and can hold plates secure and safe. Alternatively, opt for a traditional metal or wooden plate holder for some old-fashioned elegance. We guarantee the quality of our products, testing each of our products for durability. With Plate Stands of Australia, you know you're getting a high-quality product that will hold your plates properly.

How to Choose the Right Plate Holder

Different materials are rated to hold different weights. For example, a metal plate holder will usually hold more than a wood or acrylic one. If you're looking to display large or heavy items, make sure the plate holder you're purchasing is able to stand the weight and big enough to hold it properly. Most of our products come with different options for size. If there is information not displayed on our website, contact our team for assistance.

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Plate holders are a staple of Australian culture and represent far more than a simple holder for a plate. They're a way to display your passion to the world, and create a visual plate arrangement that you can be proud of. Trust Plate Stands of Australia to hold your plates properly. If you have any questions about our products and services or would like to make a large order, please contact us today. Order online today and get 10% off on orders over $100.