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Give Your Books the Best Seat in the House!

Give Your Books the Best Seat in the House!

28-Oct-2016 03:07

Who doesn’t like a good book? Those soft leather-bound leaves of a seductive hardcover, urging you to turn each page with slow, intimate delay; each page greeting you with a scent and sound reminiscent of promise and delight – of curiosity and adventure.

Perhaps you’re not a reader. But can you really resist a book that features some of the most stunning, high-resolution illustrations of exotic locations or popular models of 2016 (we were talking about cars)!
You could be a philosophy teacher or an aspiring writer, a closet bookworm or a hardcore graphic-novel collector, if books are your answer to insatiable curiosity, loneliness or a bad day, you should keep them out of harm’s way. Unless, of course, it’s a math book (put that ruler down, we’re kidding)!
Maybe you can’t guard your wordy possessions with your life, but you can definitely make sure to extend their shelf-life – pun intended. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out!
Choosing an Acrylic Book Stand
One of the best things about owning a collection of wonderful books is the ability to flaunt it around friends and family. Neatly arranging your books on a bookshelf is an obligation on you as an avid reader, but investing in a creative and practical display stand is a fun way to grab your guests’ attention and finally express your love for books the only way you know how.
With a growing number of readers collecting volumes upon volumes of literature, the tradition of bookshelves has been around for ages. Cut shelves, teacup shelves, book seats – we’ve seen them all. How do you make your bookshelf stand out without being too flashy?
Invest in acrylic book stands! Not only are these book racks and stands aesthetically pleasing, affordable and incredibly durable, but also offer a fun alternative to the dull and monotonous wooden shelf.
Gone are the days of stands and racks found only in public libraries, and it’s time you upgraded to something more modern! Acrylic book stands are what define contemporary shelving. Unlike most heavyweight materials, acrylic is a kind of plastic that appears light, but bears an amazing propensity to endure pressure, in addition to being flexible and transparent.
Can’t decide which type to go for? Check out these products by Plate Stands of Australia and have your pick! For personal queries and expert advice, give them a call at 03-8555-3103.

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