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Things that Make Book Stands both Healthy and Beneficial

Friday, October 5th 2018, 21:38 GMT+10:00

There are two things every reader in the world has in common with sloths: they’re adorable, and they like idling around as much as possible. They aren’t lazy—they just prefer to preserve their energy so that the entirety of it could be spent on the actual process of reading. Reading requires cerebral strength, and while people might think that you only need energy for all things physical, your mind would disagree.

So a natural question that sly readers—like all geniuses of the world—keep asking themselves is this: how do I make my job easier. And we have just the answer: you use book stands, and you’ll never have to stand neck pains or sore limbs again.

Taking a Stand for Book stands: Why Every Reader Needs Them

Reading is supposed to give you pleasure, isn’t it—then why is it causing you pain? You know, like why does your neck hurt all the time? Why do your shoulders feel like an invisible entity straight out of Purgatory has taken residence there? Why do your eyes always feel heavy and why are your elbows hurting? We’ll tell you why—and you’ll know then that book stands ensure you don’t have to stand in a doctor’s queue waiting to get your sore muscles diagnosed.

Health Benefits

Neck Pain

When you bring your head down too close to a book, you’re craning it to a position it’s not meant to be in. Your neck is the uppermost appendage supported by your spine which needs to be straight at all times. Often this happens because your book while on a desk, or on the bed or elsewhere, is too far down to be within 25 centimetres: that being the least distance of distinct vision. A book stand brings the book further upwards, thus making it possible for you to read it distinctly without having to crane your neck like a flamingo.

Shoulder Pain

Staying up late in bed reading is a common habit, and also a common problem that causes your shoulders constant pain. This happens because in propping up on a pillow you’re bringing your head forward, moving your ears away from usual position. Since ears and shoulders must always be on a level, your reading habit is causing you pain without you being aware of it.

Eye Strain

Neck and shoulder pain both lead to eye strain—again because the eyes are being made to focus in an usual position.

Sore Limbs

Finally, holding that book open for too long so that you can enjoy the text is so much more than plain pleasure. The muscles in your limb are going to be sore as the tension from keeping that book propped keeps building, and you’ll have to spend a long time massaging them to get them back in shape. Or, you know, you could just buy an awesome bookstand and let the stand deal with all that tension.

Helping Organize

BookStandOften when you’re cleaning your room or rearranging all the books you own, some of the books that you happen to be reading happen to get lost in the flurry. The result is rather annoying: because you only left the book lying somewhere, perfectly in front of your eyesight, and now it’s somewhere among your things. This is bound to happen since people don’t usually keep track of them items they’re working with when cleaning clutter. If books are on the menu today, then all books will end up being put aside, even ones that you had originally intended to put away for reading.

Having a book stand around means you get to put a few books aside and they chances that they won’t get lost in the organization process are high. Since the books aren’t just stacked someplace but placed purposefully, you’re not at all likely to overlook them in a frenzy to de-clutter.

Never Forget Where You Left Off Reading Last!

Usually people use bookmarks to remember that kind of stuff. Others of a more demonic turn of mind prefer to dog-ear their papery beloveds. Others still prefer to read multiple books at once, and are of the disposition to keep most of them hanging out open (and in the open!).

This isn’t such a rare occurrence as you might otherwise think: how many times have you fallen asleep reading a book and have left it open? You’re probably busy dreaming when a gust of wind from the windows sends your pages rustling and when you wake up in the morning, you’re distraught: you don’t remember where you left off. You can work it out, of course, but that just spoils the fun.

A book stand that comes with holders usually functions as both a bookmark (because it holds your pages in place for you) and as your hands, and can save you from the annoyance of having to figure out why the wild west wind hates your book so much.

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