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Book Stands

We sell a range of book stands designed to support and protect books, displaying them properly without damaging them. Use one to hold a cookbook while you're cooking, or simply display your favourite book for the world to see. These stands are specifically designed to prevent books from drooping, folding or closing, so you can rest assured your books are safe. With a simple yet stylish design, these stands are perfect in all situations. Buy a book stand today and see the difference it can make in your life!

Buy for Yourself or as a Gift

A book stand is the perfect gift for the passionate cook, the desk reader or the dedicated student. Book stands can help make the most of space, and make it far easier to multitask with a book. Sometimes you just need to use your hands for things while you read, and a book stand makes this far easier. Our book stands are designed to suit all books, from soft covers to hardbacks, big or small.

A Bit of Book Holder History

Since the 1800s book stands have been used by many. The first book holders were made from wire, and designed to hold large books, such as dictionaries, open or closed. These days the model has been refined, and many book holder stand designs come with features for holding specific pages open, raising and lowering, or even have lights built-in for nighttime reading. If you like to read in different or unique ways, you can almost guarantee there is a book stand out there that meets your needs.

Book Holder Stands

Our stands come in several sizes, designed to meet your needs for space and comfort. Bigger books need bigger stands, so make sure you're ordering the correct stand at the checkout. If you have any questions about our products or services, call our friendly team today. We can help you find the product you're looking for and solve any problems related to the purchase process.