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Book Display Tips for Storefront Windows

Friday, August 17th 2018, 16:00 GMT+10:00

Bookstores usually don’t have to try too hard at bringing in customers. With the average number of readers increasing per day, the book industry is enjoying a lot of attention from the masses.

However, as a business, bookshop owners still have to take some steps to show off their stock, at least so roaming customers can be made aware that the newest releases are in the market. Here are some storefront displays tips which we think can help!

Show the Inside

Make the vision clear by offering shoppers a glimpse of the inside. Keep your windows clean of any decals or signs. Display the latest books or discounts at the bottom using book display stands, but otherwise offer them a view of shop inside. Tempt them with the warmth that only a bookshop can provide.

Hang them

This is quite creative and unique, which is perfect because you want to grab the attention of potential customers. With an otherwise minimal display, use a rack of hooks and tie a long, looped string, and hang a book by running that look through the middle of it. Change the selection weekly but make sure the cover is visible. 

Surplus of Books

Instead of going minimal, go nuts with the latest books and the classics. But keep this in mind; use either all the classics i.e. leather-bound tomes and old books, or the latest series. Symmetry is the name of the game.

Tell a Visual Story

Many bookstores offer reading spots, Wi-Fi and even beverages so book readers can come in and relax. If you have such an establishment, do away with storefront displays and instead, add a table in the corner. With customers coming in and using those spots to read their books, you’ll have an interactive display that’ll tempt customers to do the same. For added measure, display a new release using acrylic book stands on each table so customers have something new to look at.



Your bookstore needs to be a sanctuary for all book lovers out there. So give them a chance to see that.

Keep your bookstore displays neat and clean, the book selection updated and employees happy and welcoming. You’ll notice a huge change in your customer’s behaviour once you show them that your bookstore can be a small home away from home for book lovers like them!