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Invisible Adhesive Disc for Plates

The original and only Invisible disc.
Provides strong adhesion to glazed and unglazed surfaces.
The disc is easily removed without damage to product.
Comes with easy and failsafe instructions.
Still Made in ENGLAND

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The Invisible Plate Hanger comes in 5 sizes:

 Code Size Object Size Weight
 101 30mm up to 12cm Maximum 500 Grams         
 102 50mm up to 18cm Maximum 1 Kilogram 
 103 75mm up to 24cm Maximum 1.5 Kilograms 
 104 100mm up to 30cm Maximum 2 Kilograms
 105 140mm no size limit Maximum 3 Kilograms



For heavier objects, just apply 2 invisible plate hanger discs and thread wire between them, then hang the wire on the hook!

Hook and nail shown are NOT included!